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Pray and Fast for the Climate Logo & Website

Pray and Fast for the Climate Logo & Website

“Pray and Fast for the Climate” is a new cross-charity initiative to rally supporters of faith based charities and church groups/denominations in to prayer and fasting for the climate.

The team needed some brand identity and a website so that’s what was done culminating in this website and flyer.

  • Website built on WordPress
  • Customised premium theme
  • Graphic design & brand development
  • Flyer design
  • Technical support

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London City Mission: Harvest Film

London City Mission: Harvest Film

  • Client: Spring Harvest
  • Project Delivery Date: June 2014

London City Mission exists to share with the people of London the transforming love of Go and to enable them to join his church.

Every Harvest LCM seeks to engage it’s supporters as a key fundraising time. This year they wanted to raise their standards and so they got in touch with me to make this film.

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Change Alliance WordPress Site

Change Alliance WordPress Site

    With a recent change in the law on how charities can operate in India. Christian Aid needed to form a new India based organisation in order to deliver the ongoing support and development programmes it implements in the country. This new company is Change Alliance and the new company needed a new website so Chris came back to me after having worked with him on other projects for Christian Aid.

    • Built on WordPress
    • Customised premium theme
    • Graphic design & brand integration
    • Technical support

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    The Open Door Venue WordPress Site

    The Open Door Venue WordPress Site

      The Open Door is a Venue for hire in Crystal Palace, London. The guys there asked me to build them a site that they could use to market the space.

      The building is an old cinema and their team have decorated and kitted it out beautofully. The approach I adopted was to try and show off the beauty and spec of the building with some great photos and some solid clean design.

      I asked the amazing Jonathan Gooch to come in on this and to photograph the space. It goes to show that amazing content makes creating beautiful sites easy.


      • Built on WordPress
      • Customised premium theme
      • Graphic design & brand integration
      • Photo shoot of venue
      • Calendar integration
      • Technical support
      • Basic Maintenance subscription.

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      About DC

      Mark Robinson Digital Creative is a creative freelancer based in London, UK. My team and I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients.

      13 Years of film making

      I’ve been working in TV and Film for over 13 years and in that time I’ve grown passionate about the art of film making and I’ve learnt a trick or two from the best.

      Video Portfolio

      On-line wonders

      I started in web work with my own blog in 2004. An introduction to WordPress in early 2007 changed my world forever and now I work primarily with it.

      Web Portfolio

      I can’t leave a problem unsolved. There’ve been many times I’ve helped people with a wide array of issues and tasks – I’m that guy that solves problems.


      Video Production

      All aspects of production from shooting to editing for Educational, Viral, Marketing Promos, Music Videos, Documentaries, Infomercials, Vox Pops etc. 


      Photography is in the DNA of Digital Creative. Capturing stills for other projects is often key to it’s success and some of my team are experts.

      Creative Solutions

      Everything Digital Creative does can be summed up as problem solving. Finding creative solutions for each of these problems is what I live for.

      Web & Mobile design

      Will take on all forms of online projects including but not exclusive of: Micro sites, Web apps, eCommerce, WordPress, Social media strategy & integration, etc…

      Graphic Design

      Nearly every project Digital Creative engages in needs some design work.  

      Tech Support

      The history of Digital Creative is peppered with a diverse array of technical projects. DC is here to help with anything from email setup to studio rigging.


      • Mark has been a great asset to Tearfund’s digital presence, working on a variety of projects. He’s collaborative, brings fresh ideas and insights, and always challenges us to think outside the box. He also has a great ability to mix technical and creative online, which makes him able to work with people across an organisation. Plus he delivers, which is always helpful. Highly recommended.

        Peter Yates: Tearfund
      • Mark was a privilege to work with and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

        Carla Harding: 24/7 Prayer
      • Mark is technically excellent and has real creative flair. He was able to assess the project, set realistic goals and deliver on time and within budget. We won’t hesitate to use him again.

        Rob Clarke: Spirit Radio
      • Thanks to Mark, we can now deal with the growing demands and everyday functions of Babbage Construction much better. We are looking forward to continuing working with him in future. Really recommend his expertise.

        Simon Babbage: Babbage Construction
      • Mark is able to guide our film projects well, explaining processes as he goes along, and engaging spokespeople to get the best out of them. I’ve found him a skilled and competent film professional to work with.

        Diana Mackie: New Wine
      • Generous. Concrete. Flexible. Mark humbly helped us through the creative process. We were delighted with the end result and hope to partner on future projects.

        Paul Jordan: Kairos EME
      • He’s helped us to capture and communicate our passion and vision for what we do in a way that really fits with our audience. He’s been great to work with – he’s enthusiastic, entertaining and dedicated to producing great work!

        Sarah Wriglesworth: Tearfund
      • Mark has an eye for seeing what others don’t see and an ability to turn that into strong visual communications. His experience has enabled him to effectively attend to a wide range of digital creative projects. He is also a good guy to work with.

        Matt Valler: Tearfund
      • Mark brought our brand up to date and also brought a new level of creativity to the company that inspired both us and our clients. He worked hard and was very dedicated to the job. I’d recommend him to anyone who was thinking of working with him.

        Andrew Denbury: Tandem Creative
      • Mark is one of those unique people who combines super-creative ideas (and off-the-wall suggestions that no-one else has thought of) with the attention to detail and ability to work and work at something until a problem is fixed. He brings such energy to a project and the results are excellent.

        Ruth Roff: Hodder
      • He’s efficient and reliable, and whenever I want something edited or sorted, I simply email him, and it is done. And his charges are reasonable too.

        Sarah Rundle


      It’s 2014! There are tons of ways you can connect with DC!

      I’m on the big social media channels but if you don’t reside there then drop me an email using the form.


      Address: 138a Horn Lane, Acton, London, W3 6PA, UK.

      Ph: +44 7968 116697

      Latest tweets

      • RT @HighwayCodeGB: Motorcyclists/cyclists may need to avoid uneven road surfaces. Give them plenty of room & pay attention to sudden change…

        Mark Robinson about 2 days ago
      • http://t.co/YG0mTvq7xf my fellow geeks will understand my excitement with this screenshot. #GeekOut

        Mark Robinson about 4 days ago
      • RT @RookieTwinDad: "Give them a bath" they said. "It'll calm them" they said. http://t.co/yO2HhUpDjP @rookietwinmum

        Mark Robinson about 4 days ago
      • Looking for advice on contracts post completion for project. Client wont pay up despite project over and done insisting we need one.

        Mark Robinson about 4 days ago
      • GameSpot: Look: Escape Dead Island Launch Trailer And New Screens. http://t.co/jEOS9pNsfU

        Mark Robinson about 5 days ago
      • Kotaku: Awesome Cosplay Takes Star Wars, Superheroes Back To The 16th Century. http://t.co/32ZLCWeBsE

        Mark Robinson about 5 days ago
      • Flavorpil Flavorpill: Dreamy Photos That Capture the Awe of First-Time New Yorkers. http://t.co/CbPbHp3QRF

        Mark Robinson about 5 days ago
      • RT @jon_swindon: Scroungers? Just a thought. http://t.co/ddH0S7kC2v

        Mark Robinson about 5 days ago
      • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Fatboy Slim (2), The Streets (2) & N*E*R*D (2) #tweeklyfm http://t.co/t0edt4LG2K

        Mark Robinson about 6 days ago
      • Just had an amazing chicken broth from the slow cooker. Wasn't supposed to be a broth but tastes flipping amazeballs.

        Mark Robinson about 6 days ago
      • Richmond misty stuff #POTD http://t.co/Aallmok0jR

        Mark Robinson about 7 days ago
      • RT @FastCompany: 9 GIFs that explain responsive design brilliantly http://t.co/mTARLbjQKg http://t.co/ty0rpgJorg

        Mark Robinson about 10 days ago
      • @magicroundabout @rufus2612 it's for this reason my brand is digital creative. It's a banner that all my skills come under. Loved the read.

        Mark Robinson about 10 days ago
      • Legless #POTD http://t.co/D6X4SHFnLo

        Mark Robinson about 11 days ago
      • Off to get a root canal done! Woopie-Do!

        Mark Robinson about 11 days ago
      • Today has been so good I managed to prep a slow cooker. Was so good the bones fell off the chicken: http://t.co/Jjob8Ae5xt #NomNom

        Mark Robinson about 13 days ago
      • 90-Year-Old Florida Man Charged for Feeding the Homeless Again, Still Won’t Stop http://t.co/nkLRnKEj2d

        Mark Robinson about 13 days ago
      • Well said my friend: RT @PaulRobinson33: Gay Cakes and lessons for seeing our neighbors as people, not sinners http://t.co/FzTD41oCef

        Mark Robinson about 14 days ago
      • RT @SimonOMelb: RT: If only bananas had robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own. Some sort of peelable skin, perhaps. http:…

        Mark Robinson about 14 days ago
      • @stevenbuckley was lovely seeing her and yer lovely wife t'other day. She's grown so much... Your daughter that is.

        Mark Robinson about 14 days ago

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