Why so charitable?

For years I worked in the corporate sector producing films for some well known brands. It struck me one day that I wanted to do more to help make a difference in the world but for that difference to be tangible. Read more on the about page.

How Much?

Every project is unique but there are usually common threads when it comes to planning. This means pricing up jobs can be broken down in to chunks and priced accordingly.

Hourly rates are used for most projects but occasionally daily rates will work better depending on the project.

With charity projects the focus is on getting the job done so negotiations are fair game when appropriate.




If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here please get in touch using the contact page.



[ut_service_column_vertical color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-bullhorn” background=”#ec3d67″ headline=”Directing” shape=”round” width=”fourth” last=”false”]£50 p/h [/ut_service_column_vertical]

[ut_service_column_vertical color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-scissors” background=”#ec3d67″ headline=”Editing” shape=”round” width=”fourth” last=”false”] £50 p/h p/d [/ut_service_column_vertical]

[ut_service_column_vertical  color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-video-camera” background=”#ec3d67″ headline=”Shooting” shape=”round” width=”fourth” last=”false”] £35/h [/ut_service_column_vertical]

[ut_service_column_vertical  color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-comments” background=”#ec3d67″ headline=”Consultancy” shape=”round” width=”fourth” last=”true”]£55 p/h[/ut_service_column_vertical]


[ut_service_column_vertical color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-wrench” background=”#ec3d67″ headline=”Web Dev” shape=”round” width=”fourth” last=”false”]£50 p/h  [/ut_service_column_vertical]

[ut_service_column_vertical color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-picture-o” background=”#ec3d67″ headline=”Design” shape=”round” width=”fourth” last=”false”] £45 p/h [/ut_service_column_vertical]

[ut_service_column_vertical  color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-thumbs-up” background=”#ec3d67″ headline=”Social Media” shape=”round” width=”fourth” last=”false”] £45 p/h [/ut_service_column_vertical]

[ut_service_column_vertical  color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-keyboard-o” background=”#ec3d67″ headline=”IT Support” shape=”round” width=”fourth” last=”true”]£55 p/h[/ut_service_column_vertical]



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