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About This Project

1 in 3 women experience abuse during their lifetime. Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women.

I’ve been a follower and supporter of the charity Restored since it began 10 years ago. I was working at Tearfund at the time and my desk was over a partition from Peter Grant, one of its founders so I really really enjoyed this project.

The team approached me back in February about making a film for their 10 year anniversary which was in June this year (2020). We had planned to shoot the film during May in the hope of some brighter weather but then we were all faced with “Lockdown”. As a result, this was an unusual project as it was filmed entirely by the volunteers who all went above and beyond with their efforts.

I had to direct these women with their camera angles, lighting and sound over Zoom and while the results were technically quite rough around the edges. The team loved the result as it gave a far more authentic feeling than we thought possible.