I’ve been a member of Oak Tree for 10 years and during this time I have volunteered thousands of hours across many different projects to help the church market itself and all of the different events and services it runs.

The Oak brand

For several years we used a very contemporary logo including a an oak leaf. After moving to a new building we wanted to simplify it to work across more applications.

This simplified version of the logo allows for the flexibility we need across all our channels and applications.

Role out samples:

The following is a selection of the projects carried out adhering closely to the brand.

Website re-dev:

The website was the original project and it was a big job. The previous site was ten years old and it really needed to be modernised. The new site is built on WordPress and has been serving them very well.

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Building Signage:

Our new building needed signage and we produced this.

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Parish Profile:

When seeking a new vicar part of the CofE process is for churches to produce a Parish Profile. We were keen to create something that would stand out.

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Programme card:

A folding flyer distributed at Sunday services that supplies both regular attendees and new-comers with information about what’s going on within the life of the church.

Posters & Flyers:

I have had the pleasure of working with some great people on a range of different posters and flyers where I’ve been able to create some artwork myself while giving direction to the others to keep the quality high and each piece of communication in brand.