About This Project

OakTree anglican Fellowship moved in to it’s building more than two years ago but has not had signage on the building indicating who they are other than some banners in their windows.

There were a few ideas we had but I had a vision from day one which involved back-lit cut-out steel. Budgets dictated that things would be different but finally the vision has come to fruition less the back-lit feature.

We needed to bring the brand to the outside of the building so people would easily be able to identify who and where we were and we wanted to mimic the brand used on our digital and printed communications.

We installed the signage this week and it’s looking great.

Some of the amazing people involved:

  • Mark Bishop – Creative input
  • Sarah Miller – Creative & practical input
  • Kate Aldridge – Practical input
  • Andy Thwaites – Practical input and mounting